• Prélude

    The 1750s. A Bordeaux notable and his wife built a small French-style chateau amid their vines at Saint-Seurin sur l’Isle. A sixteenth century dovecote on the grounds is evidence of a much older history.
    Music was an integral part of the life of the manor, and the harpsichord rang out with the dance music composed for the court of Versailles.

  • Adagio

    End of the 19th century. The art of "composing" wine was passed on and expertise fine-tuned: La Favière was producing a fruity, melodious cru. One of the grand families in Bordeaux bought the estate, renovated the chateau and took the vineyard in hand.
    The love of music continued, as France discovered the exuberance of Russian music, with Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky.
    As the Domaine de la Cabanne, the estate of La Favière remained a family estate until 2009.

  • Allegro

    2010. Stanislav and Natalia Zingerenko visited the property and were charmed by its "sleeping beauty". They love nature, and France, where Natalia had already lived. For them, winegrowing is the strongest—most magical—bond with the terroir. La Favière fulfils their dream.

    The 67-hectare estate has a vineyard surrounded by trees and a chateau at the heart of extensive grounds. They have gradually restored the grounds and renovated the chateau, with the music room and Natalia's piano. The spirit of La Favière lives on.

  • Largo

    The Present.
    Stanislav and Natalia have put their passion and determination to work in reviving the music of the estate. They have called in the most accomplished advisors to help them achieve a virtuoso oenological performance.
    They arrange their Bordeaux Supérieur like a Grand Cru, using the same methods and the same discipline. Every bottle must offer an experience of perfect accord.

  • Vivace

    The Future.
    Stanislav and Natalia have a love of the land. For them, "wine and music are two universal languages, bring them together and savour the magic of the moment".
    Château La Favière will soon see musical evenings with jazz and world music, a guesthouse and many other projects that combine the art of wine and the art of living.
    As Stanislav and Natalia Zingerenko share their passion, the life of Château La Favière begins anew.


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